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The purpose and pursuit of our lives is to know and bring glory to Jesus Christ.

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Old Testament Review

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Christianity 101

Christianity 101 Don’t miss this 7 week Sun Morning study (Jan 3-Feb 14, 2016) of basic Bible teachings all Christians should understand. A. Who is Christ? B. How you came to Christ C. What you have in Christ D. How to grow in & be like Christ E. Bringing others to Christ F. The Church […]

Vision/Goals for 2016

1. To love, worship & proclaim the Glory of God. 2. To educate, edify & equip the saints for the service of God 3. To reach, love and reconcile the lost to God 4. To positively impact our community & culture & world for good & for God. Share this page with just a click!

Family Life & Raising Children Sunday School Series

Please join Bro Aaron for the “Family Life and Rearing Children” Sunday School Class in the auditorium Jan 3- Jan 31, 2016. Especially if you have young children, as we will discuss the importance of Biblical discipline. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Share this page with just a click!

Share your content!

Members of Burns Baptist Church are invited to share pics, create posts and add content to our site. This is a community site, and we need participation!  Please send an email and we’ll establish an account for you! We look forward to seeing what you’ve got!!  Taking a moment to share on the site lets […]

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Christianity 101

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The Book Of Daniel…

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Things we consider

Take a moment to think about the topics that occupy your thoughts. Reviewing Isaiah 1:3, Pastor Terlecki discusses God’s Word regarding the circumstances with Israel – He is unhappy with Israel for rebelling against him and taking Him for granted. The last part of the verse states, “My people do not understand”. Are your thoughts […]

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The operations of Burns Baptist and its missionaries are funded by donations. You can donate to the general church fund or specify your donation for a specific event or purpose. You can also pay your tithes online. Thank you for giving.

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Sunday School

February 19, 2017

Bible Study for children and adults – 9:45am

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Happyyyy Birthdayyyy to Lisa Benefield, Happyyyy Birthdayyyyy to youuuuuu. ...

Happpyyyyy Anniversarrryyyy to David & Melissa Gerald, Happyyyyy Anniversarryyyy to youuuuuu. ...

!!!!! "Kids Connection" !!!!!
Memory Verse for Feb. 22nd is Matthew 5:9
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." Learn the names of the next Four Books of the New Testament. First Peter, Second Peter, First John, Second John. Extra Extra Credit: Give me the names of the books you have learned in the last few weeks from Matthew to Second John.

Ever been at the Mall or gathering when a small child has lost his mother? Children are a precious gift from God. No matter how many people hug, wipe away those tears or try to console that child he stays in a state of panic & hysteria untill he sees the only hand & arms that could calm him, the hand & arms of his mother. Life is tough, marriages are under fire, teens are on the search for meaning, jobs are failing and people are ending their lives.
So many people giving up, no hope, no love, so much hurt. But the Hand of God has not been removed! A wise Pastor once told me, like a child he runs to God's Word when stress, heartache & pain fill his heart. Gods hand is still there, His arms are still there, Reach up, grasp & hold tight to His Hand, He won't fail you or let you go, He will hold your hand in the Blessings & in the storms. Special prayers today for those that are hurting...reach out your hand...

Thanks everybody for the prayers. Chad is already feeling better and even ate some! ...

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