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The purpose and pursuit of our lives is to know and bring glory to Jesus Christ.

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Old Testament Review

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Christianity 101

Christianity 101 Don’t miss this 7 week Sun Morning study (Jan 3-Feb 14, 2016) of basic Bible teachings all Christians should understand. A. Who is Christ? B. How you came to Christ C. What you have in Christ D. How to grow in & be like Christ E. Bringing others to Christ F. The Church […]

Vision/Goals for 2016

1. To love, worship & proclaim the Glory of God. 2. To educate, edify & equip the saints for the service of God 3. To reach, love and reconcile the lost to God 4. To positively impact our community & culture & world for good & for God. Share this page with just a click!

Family Life & Raising Children Sunday School Series

Please join Bro Aaron for the “Family Life and Rearing Children” Sunday School Class in the auditorium Jan 3- Jan 31, 2016. Especially if you have young children, as we will discuss the importance of Biblical discipline. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Share this page with just a click!

Share your content!

Members of Burns Baptist Church are invited to share pics, create posts and add content to our site. This is a community site, and we need participation!  Please send an email and we’ll establish an account for you! We look forward to seeing what you’ve got!!  Taking a moment to share on the site lets […]

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Christianity 101

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The Book Of Daniel…

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Things we consider

Take a moment to think about the topics that occupy your thoughts. Reviewing Isaiah 1:3, Pastor Terlecki discusses God’s Word regarding the circumstances with Israel – He is unhappy with Israel for rebelling against him and taking Him for granted. The last part of the verse states, “My people do not understand”. Are your thoughts […]

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The operations of Burns Baptist and its missionaries are funded by donations. You can donate to the general church fund or specify your donation for a specific event or purpose. You can also pay your tithes online. Thank you for giving.

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Sunday School

November 26, 2017

Bible Study for children and adults – 9:45am

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Happppyyyy Birthdayyyyy to Laurie Lankford Louth, Happyyy Birthdayyyy to youuuu ...

Want to change your life? Tomorrow, read God's Word, then throughout the day pray back to God the very Words of Scripture that you read in the morning. It doesn't have to be an entire chapter or even an entire verse, just pick a sentence or two. It will change your life.
It doesn't make any difference what happens to us.
The only important thing is that when it does happen, we are found doing the Will of God. LOL (Thank you to Luanne for the new meaning of LOL.....Lots Of Love)

So great to see Grace Terlecki and Joe Hall JR in the office today ...

We have a BOYYYYYY!!! Truett Grant Allen weighing in at 8lbs 11ozs! 21 1/2” long. Mom and sweet baby are doing great. I’m sure mom and dad will be posting MANY more pics soon! Grant Allen Candice Allen ...

Gonna tell you a short story that brings joy, a smile & love to this old heart. It begins on Nov. 20th in a hospital ER room in Montery Park, Calif. A motorcycle racer came in with a broken arm, multuple cuts & bruses. He was taken to Xray & I gave him his first pain injection. In pain he was a bit of a problem, a returning Vietnam Marine & used to being in charge. After several rants, ravings & cussings, (him not me) he was finally stablized. Whew what a night. The next morning he sent a nurses aid over to ask me to come see him as he wanted to apologize. So having nothing to do I went, besides he was so cute. After a conversation of about 2 hrs, he said, "What are you going to be doing for the rest of your life?" I responded, "I don't know, what have you got in mind?" It was then he asked me to marry him.....and you guessed it, I said yes. We were married 3 months later. That, my friends, was 53 years ago & a gift from God. This is a time of Thanksgiving to God for all we have, the people in our lives, past, present & future. The 20th of November is such a special day for me, I hope it will also be a special day for you. Have a Blessed Day.... ...

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