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Things we consider


Take a moment to think about the topics that occupy your thoughts. Reviewing Isaiah 1:3, Pastor Terlecki discusses God’s Word regarding the circumstances with Israel – He is unhappy with Israel for rebelling against him and taking Him for granted. The last part of the verse states, “My people do not understand”. Are your thoughts […]

Benefits to the family of God


There are many benefits to being a Christian, aka being part of God’s family. In this sermon Pastor Terlecki discusses some of the benefits of being in His family. He creatively points out how we are members of AAA, Travelers and Sam’s Club (or others) and the benefits of such membership. These are beneficial memberships […]

What does God require of us as Christians?


Quoted from Micah 6:8, what does the Lord require of you? This question can be answered in many ways, just a few include repentance, faithfulness and keeping God in first place. However, this sermon focuses on three of the more broader areas: 1) Do what is right and justly 2) Love and mercy 3) Walk […]

Where is God?


Where is the Lord? The Lord reigns. He is sovereign. He has given us free will and allowed us to make decisions for ourselves, but God is here, He does exist. You cannot see Him but He is here. Sometimes the trials of life bring us to ask where is God? The answer to the […]

Don’t be discouraged


God wants you to be encouraged and encourage others and not be discouraged or a discouragement to others. Our sinful nature brings about discouragement. Deuteronomy 1:21 Brought about by our sinful nature, discouragement equates to a lack of faith. God is with you and He will fight for you – have faith! Always remember, “I […]