You’re invited to join us for Sunday School at 9:45am. Each Sunday morning the Word of God is presented in an interactive, releventĀ and age appropriate Bible Study. Sunday School will help you understand God, the Word of God, life, and even yourself better.

The more we understand God’s Word and His Plan the more we can conform our own lives to live in His image. God is calling each and everyone of us to establish a personal relationship with Him, and it is through faith and understanding that we can nurtureĀ our relationship with the God who made us and gave himself for us.

David Gerald Sr. Teaches our Adult Sunday School, Dr Grant Allen leads the Youth and Terry Vaughn leads the Children’s Sunday School. Grant and Terry teach our youth & children the basic principles of the Bible, planting seeds that will grow over time and bear fruit that leads to Godly, profitable lives. They present God’s Word while having fun with the purpose of instructing and guiding them on being a Christian in today’s world. They teach our youth the basic principles of the Bible, feeding their faith to help them establish a greater personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please join us!


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