As many of you know, Burns Baptist Church website is built using WordPress functionality. WordPress is a free, open source website platform that offers many free plug ins that help personalize the users experience or accentuate different features. However, despite many aspects of the website being free, there are expenses involved in its operation and maintenance, as well as costs involved to upgrade different plug ins from the standard free versions, which normally have limitations, to the paid versions that remove ads and offer extended options.

This section of our website has been designed to express our gratitude for website donations. Without the willingness and generosity of such donors our site would not be what it is today. Each person and company that has provided services or script to help make our site better did so out of the kindness of their hearts. They have donated either their time or their work, both of which they are normally paid for.

As a supporter of Burns Baptist Church we ask that you take a moment to visit our donor’s respective business websites should you need to purchase something that they offer, and keep their names on the tip of your tongue should your path cross with someone that needs such services.

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